Foundation Class

Our bridge to success on the road to learning

The concept of a foundation class is not common in New Zealand schools. Our foundation room is the entry room to all the new five year olds starting school. It is designed as the transition programme, linking early childhood/pre-school education to the more regulated primary school curriculum. It enables children to achieve readiness for independent learning in a larger more formalised class environment. The duration a child stays in the foundation room is dependent on their readiness for more structured learning.

How it Works:

The foundation room focusses on promoting independence by.

• Making friends

• Caring for each other

• Establishing sound routines for learning

• Helping each other find our way around the school

• Cooperating and sharing

• Promotion of pride in achievements

• Learning to set goals

• Encouraging Imagination

• Activities to promote thinking and problem solving

• Developing fine motor skills

• Showing and developing creativity

• Encouraging the development of new language through experiences

• Involvement in creative play

Curriculum focus

Reading and writing in many ways including being read to, reading with and sharing with our friends throughout the day .


Fun math’s learning about numbers, shapes and patterns in our world and the start of maths problem solving.

Integrated with ......

Painting with a paint brush
Cutting with scissors
Drawing and writing using a pencil and crayon
Holding and manipulating small objects
Holding and using a knife and fork
Craft activities

Perceptual Motor Programme

Eye tracking


Fine motor skills

Gross motor skills

Brain gym

Looking and listening activities

Smile time

Smile time is a social developmental time where children choose from a range of creative play activities. Through playing cooperatively children learn many of the social skills, necessary to be successful students.

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Learning takes place both inside and outside.

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Transition to school meetings are held twice a year for parents of children who are turning five during the next six months. At these meetings parents will receive an activity pack for their children and enrolment information.