Helping You With The Answers:
  1. Can I enrol my child at One Tree Point School?

Most Children in Years one to six, who live within the One Tree Point enrolment zone can enrol at One Tree Point School. Information regarding the boundaries of the enrolment zone is available on the website. Enrolment for students who have been excluded from other schools is not automatic and must be discussed with the Principal. If your child has special needs it is important to discuss these with the Principal before the terms of the enrolment are agreed upon.

  1. Does One Tree Point School have a uniform?

One Tree Point School does not have a uniform. Children are expected to come to school in clean, sensible and weather appropriate clothing. In terms one and four children must wear a school hat which is included in the stationary list. This stays at school until the end of the year. School T-shirts are available from the school office for a minimal cost and are not compulsory.  The School provides T-shirts when children are representing One Tree Point School at inter-school events.

  1. What do I do if my child is sick and unable to attend school?

It is important to contact the School office with a phone call or text as early in the day as is practical. It is important the School is aware children are at home, and not missing between home and school.  If not contacted School staff will make contact with parents/caregives to determine where the absent child is.

  1. Will the school take responsibility for administering medicine to my child?

If you write a clear note and hand it into the office, with the medicine to be administered School staff will follow your instructions or supervise the child. If medicine needs to be refrigerated please make this known to us. Asthma medication is kept in individually named bags in the School sick bay. If your child is an asthmatic, or requires antihistamines or anaphylactic medication, please speak to the child's Teacher and the School office staff. A health form is sent home early in the year. If your child has any health issues it is important to complete this form so the School is aware of any potential issues.

  1. When does school start and when does it finish for the day?

One Tree Point School starts earlier than most because we share buses with other local schools. Children are not allowed at school until 7:50am when a bell rings and there is adequate supervision. Classes start at 8:25am and the first break is between 10:25am and 10:55am. Children then work up to lunch which is between 12:25pm and 1:15pm. School finishes with the last bell ringing at 2:20pm.

  1. Are buses available for my child?

The School runs two bus routes. Both finish in Ruakaka Village with one taking a direct route around the marina and the other goes there via Takahiwai Rd. To travel on a bus, children need to live  a minimum distance from school. More information regarding buses, including eligibility and times is available from the school office.

  1. Is after school care available at One Tree Point School?

After school care is available at One Tree Point School through a private provider called sKids. It is available from the time school finishes to 5:30 in the evening. Skids also provide holiday programmes where there is enough interest. The structure of the programme, and costs associated with it, are available through their website. All communication should be made directly with sKids.

  1. When are school assemblies and can families attend?

Whole school assemblies take place every two weeks. On alternate weeks the junior syndicate have an assembly. Assemblies start at 1:30 pm in the hall unless otherwise stated. Students run the assemblies. We encourage families to come to both assemblies to share in the children’s successes and performances.

  1. What amount has the school set for voluntary donation?

Voluntary donations are set at $25 a student per term. If more than two students from a family attend One Tree Point School, the total yearly amount is capped at $200.

  1. When are the school holidays?

The dates of the holidays change from year to year. We generally set the following year’s holidays in November and these are made in agreement with the other local schools. The dates of the holidays are available on our website. When you enrol your children, you will be given the current years holiday dates.


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