Nau mai haere mai ki te kura o One Tree Point


Children receive high quality, child centred teaching and learning programmes that cater for their current and future needs. Children experience success and enjoyment in learning and are developed to become life long learners.


Children are encouraged, challenged and extended to achieve their personal best as individuals and members of a group.Creativity in all areas is fostered. Children are culturally aware and accept the responsibility of being part of a bicultural community. Caring for others, respect and responsibility is ingrained in our school philosophy.
School Charter

About Us

About Our School
Where we are, what we learn and all the cool things the school has.
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What we are doing at school
Find out what keeps us busy and some of the fun things we do.
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How to Join Us
All the things you need to know to get you started and questions answered.
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Foundation Class
At One Tree Point School the journey from home to school is managed. All new entrants upon starting school, experience the special environment of the Foundation Room. A targeted programme builds the confidence and readiness for a more structured classroom experience.
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Leadership Team

Shirley Winters

School Principal

Prior to being appointed principal at One Tree Point school I was Associate Principal at Beachlands School in Auckland. My previous role included leading school wide professional development in core curriculum and assessment. I am passionate about ensuring we all work together to ensure that the diverse needs of every single learner are met and our students are well prepared to be successful in their future. I absolutely love working at One Tree Point in such a supportive and collaborative learning community.

Michelle Reeve

Deputy Principal

I have been travelling to OTP for a few years from Mangawhai, where I live. I have been teaching for many years, starting in the vibrant city of Manukau where I crafted my skills. I lead the Tihirau (Year 4-6) team. I have never tired of teaching children and am as enthusiastic now as the day I started. It is a pleasure to be teaching in such a supportive, caring and pride filled school.

Leanne Robson

Assiatant Principal

I lead the Pararahi (Year 0-1) team. I live in One Tree Point with my husband and two sons. Teaching has always been my passion and I feel privileged to be part of shaping children’s education in the early years. What makes me most proud about our school is the caring and culturally aware community we have become. We achieve so much together and create fantastic memories for all involved.